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General Information

ACGRC offers a unique internship experience for students interested in international security, post-Soviet studies, and economic development. Situated in downtown Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, ACGRC provides interns with an opportunity to learn about the region first-hand from analysts and government officials.


• Fluent in English and have excellent writing skills with no need of editing
• College junior or senior, a recent graduate, or a graduate student.


There may be occasional assignments for research projects, donor proposals, conference reports, and news updates, but these will be rare. The focus of this internship is to encourage intensive study of Armenia and the region. This is an opportunity for highly motivated students with an interest in international affairs, national security, economics, political science and foreign policy to have unmatched regional access and resources that will enhance the interns' independent research and overall experience in Armenia.

Interns must have a strong sense of initiative. Graduate students working on a dissertation or thesis are likely to receive the most tangible benefits. Undergraduates or recent graduates who are not working on a long term research project, such as a dissertation or thesis, will also find this internship highly rewarding if they are proactive and determined to take advantage of ACGRC's location and resources. Interns should arrive with an idea of what they want to research and become acquainted with the politics and social dynamics of the region. ACGRC staff can assist in developing and refining interns` research ideas before they come to Yerevan.


Unfortunately, ACGRC is unable to provide any compensation or course credit. Naturally, we will be happy to write a letter of recommendation, or provide an internship certification letter to a granting institution. In the past, interns have received funding from their colleges or from other philanthropic institutions.

ACGRC often publishes articles written by interns on the ACGRC website. ACGRC will also help to arrange the publication of interns' articles through other outlets (such as newspapers and magazines in the region).

Application Materials

• Cover letter. Your letter should include an explanation of what interests you about the South Caucasus region and an explanation of how an internship at ACGRC fits into your future career plans. Please address your letter to

• Resume. Your resume should not exceed two pages.
• Writing samples. Please include two or three writing samples, not to exceed a total of 10 pages. At least one sample should be on international relations or post-Soviet studies.
• Recommendations. Please include two recommendations from professors or supervisors. Recommendations should address writing ability, work ethic, and interest in international relations.













  • Article by MEP Leonidas Donskis: Seeking Safety and Security in an Unsafe and Insecure World READ
  • Strategy paper of the association "Human Rights in Belarus" developed in view of the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus READ


ACGRC became a member of the Danish Development Research Network


ACGRC became a member of the Black Sea Research Network (BSRN). BSRN is an action-focused and multidisciplinary network of policy-oriented research institutes that develop research programmes on issues of importance to the political, social and economic development of the Black Sea region. It represents an innovative attempt to structure and coordinate a network of research institutes (and researchers) focusing on the wider Black Sea region. The Network is working under the patronage of the International Centre for Black Sea Studies (Greece).


Chairman of the Board of the Analytical Centre on Globalisation and Regional Cooperation Stepan Grigoryan took part in the Czech Television film Sore Spots of Southern Caucasus.
Petruška Šustrová is the script author and Martin Mahdal is cameraman and producer of the film.



ACGRC became a member of the Central and Eastern European Citizens Network (CEE CN). The network was created to provide opportunities for citizens' grassroots initiatives from CEE region to learn, exchange experiences and ideas as well as enhance their organisational growth through establishing and managing a partner relationship among themselves.

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